Rhinoplasty – Change Your Nose the Way You Want to

The way your nose looks affects your overall appearance, and if there are imperfections, chances are you’re not satisfied with the one you have. Rhinoplasty can help you get the type of nose you always wanted. This is a very popular cosmetic surgery, and it’s meant not just for women but for men as well. Every person has something unique they would like to fix about their nose, and so the surgical procedure varies considerably from one person to another. However, before you take the leap, you must understand what rhinoplasty is or isn’t capable of achieving. Set realistic expectations and be patient during the healing process. This will ensure that your nose looks exactly the way you always wanted it to. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons people opt for rhinoplasty.

Bridge of the Nose

Genetics is a funny thing, and if you’re of Asian, Hispanic, or African descent, chances are the bridge of your nose is either too flat or wide. Rhinoplasty is capable of correcting this problem easily through a reduction in the nasal bridge width, adjustments of the nose tips, or refining the base of your nose. Bridge implants may be used during the procedure. Once the procedure is complete, you’re bound to experience a better facial appearance and a marked improvement in your nose contours. Be warned though as the healing process may sometimes take up to a year.

Bulbous Nose Tip

Some people have a significantly rounded nose tip owing to the shape of their lower lateral cartilages. This makes their nose appear considerably big and extremely wide. Rhinoplasty provides an easy solution to the problem through a reshaping of the lower lateral cartilage. The result? A smoother, triangular look for your nose.

Long Nose

Not all noses are equal. Some tend to be quite big or long. However, this creates an unusual appearance and becomes the focus of unwanted attention. Other attractive facial features might not be noticed clearly as the nose overshadows everything. To resolve this issue, a complex rhinoplasty is required. The procedure involves reducing the nasal tip as well as the formation of a smaller, shorter nose. Though this is a long-drawn surgery, the results can aid a person in achieving a balanced facial profile.

Pointed Nose

Your nose may sometimes be too pointed due to the presence of excess cartilage near the tip or a protruding septum cartilage. Reducing this cartilage via nose reshaping can produce long-term results. Though the swelling lasts a considerable amount of time, the recovery period is short.Moreover, the final result is well worth it. Rhinoplasty basically alters the pointy nose and rounds the tip of the nose somewhat, imparting a softer, graceful appearance to the nose tip.

Crooked Nose

Crooked noses may exist due to an injury or some sort of facial trauma experienced at the time of birth. It could also be due to hereditary factors. Asymmetry is another common problem that leads to a crooked nose, especially if the flaw is extreme. Such cosmetic flaws are not easy to rectify without rhinoplasty. However, you need to approach a skilled surgeon who understands what needs to be done to correct the situation. They should have the right amount of experience, and boast of suitable communication skills. If the nose is highly crooked, chances are that osteotomies might be used to reset the nasal bones. This procedure is quite complex and rather invasive. However, after the surgery is over, your nose will appear a lot straighter.Please visit more about Crooked Noses

Clear Hump on the Nose

Nasal humps tend to vary a lot in terms of size and they are often a nuisance since they ruin an otherwise pleasant face. When you visit the surgeon, specify the amount you want your nose to be reduced. There are loads of patients who choose to eradicate the hump altogether to give the bridge a straighter appearance. Some others keep some of the fullness to maintain family or ethnic features. The way you want to look is totally up to you, but make sure you research extensively and take an informed decision.